cylinder evacuation EQUIPMENT




Smart Pump™ is designed to remove fuel quickly and safely from a tank requiring servicing. Our proprietary technology ensures complete 100% liquid and vapor evacuation. The fuel removed from tank 'A' (or tanks) is transferred to a nurse tank after being passed through a filtration system to ensure the reclaimed fuel is immediately ready for reuse or resale.

Smart Pump™ is controlled through an integrated PLC which monitors all critical functions. It is key and password activated protecting against unauthorized access. Developed to be mobile or stationary, the compact design takes up only a small footprint maximizing yard space. Engineered for the toughest applications, robust manufacturing and low operation speed reduces wear on parts. Energy efficient, indoor or outdoor operation (power source dependent) ensures the right set up for your processes.

  • Complete - 100% cylinder evacuation without compressors.
  • Extracts liquid and vapor, eliminates multiple processes.
  • Capture otherwise lost revenues, reclamation of filtered waste fuel allows immediate resale or reuse opportunities.
  • Do away with potentially wasteful, unsafe and polluting evacuation alternatives.
  • Speed up yard and service operations.


Perfect for R-290 Refrigeration Applications!

The team's vast experience in the propane and natural gas industry has allowed them to design and manufacture the safest, most efficient and dependable propane flare stack in the industry.

Nova Gas developed a fully ETL approved flare stack that burns the fuel off quickly, with the products of combustion being very environmentally friendly. 

The Smart Stack™ is a flare designed to ignite waste fuel, as such, the main flame fuel ignition is a collateral flame, ignited by a constantly supervised pilot assembly. The Smart Stack™ is designed so that the pilot and main flame may be independently supervised. Depending on the availability of (waste gas) main flame fuel, there may be a main flame present or not, thus the pilot assembly is the critical supervised flame.

  • SAFE - Equipped with enough safety devices and redundant systems that the Smart Stack™ is almost foolproof.
  • EFFICIENT - Speed up yard processes and reduce handling when reconditioning tanks. Yard dynamics are completely changed by increasing productivity, reducing down time, smoothing out grid lock.
  • CERTIFIED - The only LPG flare stack in its class that is fully certified by ETL (Edison Laboratories) and approved to UL standards.